Mysteries: My First Literary Love

My ninth birthday is a very special memory. When I turned nine I received two of my all time favorite gifts. One gift was a soft blue parakeet that became a much loved pet. The second one, given to me by my brother, was The Spider Sapphire Mystery by Carolyn Keene.  It was #45 in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.
I was just beginning to read novel-length books independently and I believe this is the first one I owned. Soon I was on safari with Nancy and friends, unraveling the mystery behind this unusual jewel.  And so a mystery fan was born. The number of yellow and black spines on my bookshelf began to grow. And then Nancy Drew was joined by the Dana Girls, Kay Tracy, Meg Duncan and Trixie Beldon.
As years went on, I discovered other genres, romance and fantasy becoming favorites. I read mysteries occasionally but they were no longer a staple of my reading diet. Then one day I found myself in a reading slump. Nothing appealed to me. What I did start, I didn’t finish. I was in danger of becoming a librarian that didn’t read.
So I made an impulsive decision. I would “jump into” the cozy mystery genre and explore it thoroughly. I have spent the last couple of months reading and listening to traditional mystery stories. I registered at Good Reads and joined a cozy mystery group. I’m having a great time re-discovering my first literary love.

And now I’ve made another impulsive decision. I’ve started a blog to share my enjoyment of this genre. Hopefully this decision will work out as well as my first one. I plan to post mystery reviews and book lists and to write about famous fictional detectives and other bits of mystery trivia and history. Won’t you stop by again and join me? I’ll put the kettle on.



About cuppacozy

I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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