The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Sherlock Holmes

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m searching Sherlock Holmes for my Book Club. We decided to read the first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet, but I decided to keep gathering information anyway.

I recently discovered a helpful book The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Sherlock Holmes by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister. The back cover blurb reads “This lavishly illustrated volume summarizes every story and novel by date of original publication; and provides enlightening information on subjects as different as daily life, the role of women in Victorian society, and Sherlock Holmes societies around the world.” There are also a number of puzzles or quizzes to test readers knowledge of the great detective.

In other Holmes news, I just started listening to The Black Dove, the third book in Steve Hockensmith’s Holmes on the Range series. Brothers Otto and Gustave pursue their dream (or at least Gustave’s dream) of becoming detectives like their hero Sherlock Holmes in San Francisco’s China Town. Reader William Dufris brings Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer to life as he recounts their colorful adventures with even more colorful language.


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I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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