Cuppa Cozy in 2014

Last year I started this blog as a way to learn the basics of Word Press for my day job. I picked a subject that I had recently become interested in – the mystery genre. Bored with my usual reading fare, my 2013 resolution was to read books in the mystery genre. I found that I enjoyed the cozy, traditional, vintage hard boiled and humorous mysteries the most.
Once I felt that I had the hang of Word Press, I stopped posting to this blog, but I didn’t stop reading mysteries. Besides being an avid reader, I am a librarian, a reviewer and a writer. So I guess besides reading mysteries I feel the need to study and analyze what I read. eventually I realized that my abandoned blog was the perfect place to do that and I decided to turn it into a real project and not just a learning tool.
This year there are two subjects I want to focus on: famous sleuths across multiple mediums and part-time sleuths that are also full time shopkeepers. But more about that later. In addition, there will be reviews and news of upcoming books.
So please join me in 2014, where my resolution is to make the Cuppa Cozy mystery blog a success!



About cuppacozy

I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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