Part Time Crime


ne of the standards of the cozy mystery is the amateur sleuth. In general cozy mystery protagonists stumble into a life of crime-solving rather than making a career as an investigator.

So what do they do with the rest of their time? Cozy mysteries in the U.S. tend to run by themes. We have culinary mysteries, crafting mysteries, pet mysteries and more.

And I’m noticing that a lot of detectives in cozy series are entrepreneurs with adorable shops that fit with the book’s theme. The majority of cozy mystery writers and readers are women. I believe that the idea of a “shop of one’s own” also appeals to women.

In fact I recently purchased a copy of Bliss Victoria magazine that proclaims itself to be the Entrpeneur Special Issue. “Starting Your Dream Business” it says on the cover. “Tips from our favorite entrepreneurs.”

What is so appealing about the idea of having one’s own business? In real life being a business owner is a lot of responsibility and hard work that can easily end in failure. But that’s sort of the point. Cozies are not real life.

The cozy mystery business owner works hard but her business embodies her passion, always prospers and always includes a helpful friend/relative/employee who can watch the shop while she investigates murders.  It’s a lovely fantasy. Isn’t it?

Cuppa Cozy is going on tour this year to virtually visit some of these sleuths shops. Culinary sleuths own bakeries and restaurants. Crafty sleuths own yarn and needlework shops. Literary sleuths own bookstores. Who.should I visitors? Stay tuned for more.


About cuppacozy

I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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