We Interrupt This Blog…

I admit to having neglected my blogging projects for the last week or so. A new distraction has entered my life. I hope this distraction will eventually be to the benefit of the blog in the long run, but for now…well, it’s my new obsession. Meet my new best friend:

A kindle fire hdx 7

I love reading on this device. It supports Wisconsin’s digital library (dbooks.wplc.info) app as well as Amazon’s content. All of this adds up to more mystery books than I can read! I just started Krista Davis’s MURDER SHE BARKED, which features a pet friendly hotel that fits in with my current blogging project. (See “Part Time Crime.”)

But I haven’t abandoned paper books altogether. I have a review copy of THE BLACK-EYED BLONDE, a new Phillip Marlowe novel by Benjamin Black. I’ve only read one Phillip Marlowe novel, THE BIG SLEEP, but I loved Raymond Chandler’s distinctive writing style. It will be interesting to see if a different author can match it.


About cuppacozy

I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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