Mystery Pilot

20140209-221659.jpg is now featuring 10 pilots (5 for adults and 5 for kids) for viewing and voting. The shows that draw the best feedback will be developed into full fledged series. You do not need to be a prime subscriber to watch or vote on the pilots.

Of the five adult programs one is a mystery program. BOSCH is based on the Harry Bosch mystery novels written by Michael Connelly. This is definitely not a cozy series, but my husband is a big Connelly fan so we watched it together this evening. While the show was a bit dark for my taste I was impressed with the overall quality of the production. The character of Harry Bosch, a veteran homicide detective for the L.A.P.D., is well developed as a tortured soul with plenty of backstory. In the pilot episode he is on trial for shooting a suspected serial killer. Although he is supposed to be on leave, Harry picks up a weekend shift and is called in when a dog digs up a human arm bone. The skeleton that is recovered belongs to a young boy, probably 12 or 13, who had endured tears of abuse before his death. The show closes on a bit of a cliff hanger and it would be a shame if the plot was never brought to resolution.

I had only one complaint about the show and that was the frequency of the use of the f-word. Even if they had substituted “gosh darned” for every instance it would have been annoying because of the constant use. Okay, tough cop-types use rough language. I get it. Could they at least use a variety of swear words? I know I’m probably harping on this a bit but the high quality shown in the rest of the production made this aspect more noticeable, I guess.

Have you watched Bosch or any of the other Amazon pilots? What did you think? Will you vote?


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