Kindle Immersion Reading


In the beginning was the book. (OK, Maybe not the very beginning. There were cave paintings and and such but for today we’re starting with the book.) Ahem.  In the beginning was the book. And it was good. But humankind had to work to survive, struggling to acquire food, shelter and satellite TV. So there wasn’t always time to sit and enjoy a good book or even a mediocre one.

Then came the audio book. It allowed humankind to listen to professional actors, sometimes an entire cast of actors, read books to them while they walked the dog, washed dishes and folded laundry.

And life was good or so we thought. I never thought the experience of reading could be improved upon but then the reader was introduced. Yes, I remember not just the first nooks and kindles but all the way back to the rocketbook. (I LOVED mine.) And life was REALLY good.

I recently bought a Kindle HDX 7 and discovered another way of reading. AMAZON calls it immersion reading. You begin by buying the kindle version of a qualifying book. (A book that also has a downloadable audio format available) A box will pop-up asking if you want to add the narration, generally for just a few dollars more. So for less than the price of an audio book you get the ebook and the audio book. But wait – it gets better.

You can begin reading the ebook on your Kindle. Then, the dog barks and you realize it’s time for his walk. So you have to stop reading, right? Wrong.  You go to the Audible app on your smartphone and it will pick up where you left off reading g the ebook on a completely different device!!!!

I tried the inexpensive but fun read Forever Haunted by Indie author Rose Pressey to start with and it worked so well for me that I’ve immediately jumped to Charms and Chocolate Chips, the third book in the Magical Bakery Mysteries by Bailey Cates.

And life is good.  Really REALLY Good.


About cuppacozy

I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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