Sleuth Shops: The Honeybee Bakery


Come with me to Savannah, Georgia, to the downtown. There, just a few blocks away from the riverfront, is the Honeybee Bakery. You won’t find this cozy shop by traveling via car or plane or even on foot in Savannah. The Honeybee can only be experienced from between the covers of the Magical Bakery Mystery series by Bailey Cates.

The series starts off with Brownies and Broomsticks, where we meet Katie Lightfoot. Katie is about to enter a business venture with her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ben. Together they are opening the Honeybee Bakery, named after Aunt Lucy’s regal orange tabby cat.

Katie is prepared for the challenges of starting a new business – she has both the schooling and the experience – but nothing could prepare her for the shock of learning the secret her parents have kept from her. She is a witch and so are Lucy and Katie’s parents.

While Katie attempts to come to grips with this new facet to her identity a murder occurs right outside the bakery and Katie’s Uncle Ben is a suspect. She can’t stand by and do nothing to help, even if it means embracing her newly discovered talents.

Katie’s adventures continue in Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti and Charms and Chocolate Chips.

In Charms and Chocolate Chips Katie describes the bakery’s as follows:
Inside, the high ceilings gave it a sense of space, and the deep amber walls encouraged energy and creativity. We’d painted the vertical expanse behind the counter burnt orange to offset the tall blackboard menu…The chrome and blue bistro tables were the perfect size for laptops and notebooks with plenty of room for mugs of coffee and a tempting pastry or two from the glass-fronted display case, while the comfy matching chairs invited people to stay for hours. The scent of succulent baked goods infused the air and spilled out to the sidewalk. Light jazz played softly over the sound system.”

And then there’s a cozy nook with comfy sofa and chairs surrounded by shelves of books. I think I’ve found my spot! Who wants to join me!

I feel this description would be incomplete if I didn’t mention Mungo, Katie’s canine companion and familiar. The cairn terrier has his own spot in the bakery, in Katie’s office and away from the food, of course. Mungo, who Katie has nicknamed Little Wolf, is Katie’s protector from physical and magical harm and is also cute as a button.

Unfortunately we can’t visit the Honeybee in person, but there are recipes in the back so you can sample their wares if you have a talent for baking. The next book in the series, Some Enchanted Eclair will be released in July of this year.

In the meantime you might get your fill of magical baked goods by reading the earlier books or trying the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery series by Ellery Adams or if you enjoy children’s books, try the Bliss trilogy by Kathryn Littlewood.


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