Cozy Quilting Mystery


A Stitch in Crime is part of the Quilts of Love Christian fiction series. This series is a bit different in that the books in it are from a variety of genres including romance, women’s fiction, romantic suspense and, like this book, cozy mystery. The story’s main character, Thea James is the co-chair of the first Quilt-Without-Guilt quilt show. But her co-chair doesn’t seem interested in doing her job, their expert judge, Dr. Cottle is MIA and Thea’s friend and their other expert judge is attacked at related social event. On top of trying to find out who hurt her friend and keeping the quilt show on track, Thea is wondering where she stands with handsome newspaper reporter Cole and why her best friend has suddenly turned cold to her. This was a charming book with some interesting plot threads, but the slow pacing dragged it down. Still, I will definitely recommend it to the Christian fiction fans at my library.

Find out more about the Quilts of Love series, and get patterns for quilt blocks representing different books in the series at


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