New in the Elliot Lisbon Series


Swan Dive is the third book in Kennel Lynn’s Elliot Lisbon mystery series. Like most mysteries I’ve read that are published by Henery Press this book is a fun read with plenty of humor, great characters and a solid mystery. In Swan Dive Elliot, the director of the Balantyne Foundation, must find out who killed the beautiful young ballerina who was to play the Sugar Plum Fairy in the foundation’s annual production of The Nutcracker. The mystery has plenty of twists, turns and surprises that will keep readers guessing to the end. I also liked the glimpse into Elliott’s past included in this volume. It gives the reader a better idea of why the foundation is so important to her and why she was chosen as director. I would always recommend that readers start with the first book in a series, but if you must jump in at Book n number three, there should be no trouble following along. This is a great choice for fans of cozy mysteries and humorous mysteries.

For a double dose of mystery in the theater world, pair this book with MacDeath, the first book in the Ivy Meadows series by Cindy Brown.

In celebration of the release of Swan Lake, the second Elliot Lisbon book, Whack Job, is available for $.99 in the Amazon Kindle store. So if you need to catch up before reading Swan Lake, now is the time!


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