A Demon Summer by G. M. Malliet


Wow! I am blown away by the latest installment Malliet’s series about former MI-5 agent Father Max Tudor. This mystery is deep and dark as well as tangled and treacherous. Slowly the layers are peeled away and the plots and schemes of those who are involved in the Monkbury Abbey but not in the murder of the dastardly Lord Lislelivet are revealed. Beneath those layers lies greater treachery, suffering and a need for revenge. In this book Malliet explores the nature of both piety and corruption. I was left to ponder the lengths people can go to achieve perfection or the depths that people can sink to in selfishness, as well as the promise of new life contrasted with the inability to truly escape one’s past.

I don’t want to be gushy but I just finished listening to the audiobook and there are so many ideas swirling around in my head that I just can’t get them all out.  Narrator Michael Page is spot on with his vocalizations of different characters and the rich deep rumble her uses for Max is especially perfect. Performances like this are why audiobooks are more than a way to get through a book while also getting the housework done.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all four of the Max Tudor books but this one is my favorite. We have a book for each season of the year now, but I’m certain the series can’t end here with Max finally married/handfasted to his true love and a baby on the way.


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