Emma and the Lunchroom Wormburger Mystery


This is the best chapter book mystery series I have read in a long time! Author Ida Siegel is an Emmy winning journalist at New York’s WNBC. This makes her part of the trend of celebrity children’s book authors, I guess, but at least she is a celebrity who knows something about writing, And she even passes along a few writing tips in the story. Emma, a third grader who lives in New York, wants to be famous more than anything else. When she sees a news reporter on TV she decides that’s her route to fame. Emma’s father is a newspaper reporter and helps her find her first story and report on it. Emma almost gives up when she finds out she has to write scripts for her news reports – she hates writing. But with some tips from her father and lots of determination Emma solves the mystery of the lunchroom wormburger and saves the school from the health inspector.

Emma has a sparkling personality and this story really allows her to shine. She’s a great role model for children. She accomplishes an extraordinary thing, but in a realistic way with resources that could be accessed by most kids. Lessons are slipped in with ninja-like subtlety. I am excited to be able to tell people about this great new series and will make sure it’s available at our local library.


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I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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