Aurora Teagarden on Hallmark Channel


The Hallmark channels are the only place I know that shows mystery movies that could be described as cozy. I like entertainment that I can relax with and that will hopefully leave me with a happy, warm feeling. Cozy mysteries are perfect for that. Unfortunately, our satelite package does not include the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel so I’ve only been able to watch what is offered on the Hallmark Channel.

Most recently I watched the new movie Aurora Teagarden: A Bone to Pick, the first of a new mystery series featuring Candace Cameron Bure. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Charlaine Harris. (This is something else I like about Hallmark. They choose books and authors that I am familiar with for their movies.)

Aurora Teagarden is a librarian and a member of a club that I see as sort of an odd twist on a book club. The Real Murders Club is a group of true crime enthusiasts. Members of the club sometimes research unsolved mysteries, come up with a conclusion on who committed the crime and present it to the club. Aurora is considered one of the best sleuths in the group.

Jane, a retired librarian who also belongs to the group, passes away unexpectedly and leaves her estate to Aurora – very unexpectedly. When Aurora goes to see the house she has inherited, she interrupts a burglary. Later she finds a skull in the window seat bench. It seems what Jane has really left Aurora is a mystery to solve! And with a bit of reluctant help from her best friend and her mother, Aurora proves she is up to the challenge. Fans of cozy mystery are sure to love Aurora Teagarden.


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I'm a librarian and a writer who enjoys reading, writing and helping people find their perfect literary match.
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