Life in the Enchanted Village


The fifth Wishcraft mystery, Some Like it Witchy by Heather Blake, was recently released. So of course, I just managed to finish #4, The Goodbye Witch, this weekend. I’ve been listening to this series on audiobook, narrated by Coleen Marlo.

The series is set in The Enchanted Village, a “themed” town that caters to tourists with magical fantasies. Beneath the kitschy facade, true magic is wielded by witches.

Two other series that I enjoy, the Witchcraft mysteries by Juliet Blackwell and the Magical Bakery mysteries by Bailey Cates also feature witches. Those series do a great job of showing real witchcraft traditions and practices. Heather Blake goes in a delightfully different direction. Her witches would be more at home with Sabrina and Bewitched’s Samantha than with true followers of the craft. Blake has invested time in some serious world building, inventing her own system for magic with unique rules.

Magical ability runs in families and each family has a magical “specialty.” The main character Darcy, as well as her sister and aunt are “wish crafters” meaning that they grant wishes – as the rules allow. Other crafters have talents that help them to grow robust and exotic plants, craft beautiful objects with their hands, bake incredible breads and desserts and so on. Crafters often take on a vocation that suits their magical gifts.

Witches have a choice upon their death – proceed to the afterlife or stick around in the form of an animal. The Enchanted Village’s reincarnated residents include a parrot who was previously an actor, a mouse who works as a tailor and a dog with secrets.

One of the rules that creates a bit of trouble is the rule of secrecy. Non-witches are not allowed to be in on the magical secret. The exception to this rule is if a mortal marries a witch, the witch is allowed to share the secret with the spouse – providing that the witch gives up his or her magical talent from that time forward.

The Wishcraft mysteries require solid sleuthing skills as well as magical know-how to solve the crime. Darcy gets some help from hunky police chief Nick. Together they make an unbeatable team. Heather Blake seasons her mystery with friends and family and a touch of romance all stirred together within a storybook setting. What more could a reader want! I am ready to pack up and move to the Enchanted Village. Perhaps they need a librarian.

Read my review of the audiobook at Good Reads.


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