Hallmark celebrates Christmas in July


Both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is celebrating Christmas in July. This isn’t the best month for mystery lovers but tomorrow, July 5, at 8:00pm Central time Hallmark Mysteries and Movies is showing the 2011 mystery movie Deck the Halls starring Scottie Thompson and Kathy Najimy. Scottie Thompson’s character Regan Reilly is based on the character of the same name written by Carol Higgins Clark. I’m not familiar with the book series so I’m not sure if the movie is based on a book or if they just used the detective character for an original movie. If it is based on a book, the title has been changed. Does anyone know if there is a book that goes with this movie?

The HMM July schedule also includes several showings of Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas. I consider the Signed Sealed Delivered series to be “mystery lite.” The characters, who work at the dead letter department for the post office investigate packages/letters that have been damaged and are undeliverable. Of course there is always a mystery to be solved but rarely any crime so not the kind of mystery we traditionally associate with the genre. Besides that, the premise of the show is pretty unbelievable. However if you can suspend disbelief you’ll find that this is a delightful series of the heartwarming kind. Great soundtrack, too. The first July airing of the movie is scheduled for 2:00pm Central time on July 5th. Check listings for other times.

Happy fourth of July and if you choose to celebrate, Happy Christmas in July!



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